Deadpool (2016)

Director : Tim Miller                   

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is a former special forces soldier who uses his talents to make money in New York City. He falls in love with a girl named Vanessa, but then develops life threatening cancer.

He is approached by a man who says he can cure him. Wade gets injected with a serum that will stimulate some mutant genes, but it doesn't seem to work. After weeks of suffering Wade insults Ajax, the man who is "helping" him. Wade is tortured some more, but develops the power to heal almost instantly. Wade has overcome his cancer but is horribly scarred.

Wade won't return to Vanessa because of his scarring, but he wants revenge on Ajax. Deadpool joins up with two mutants, Colossus and Warhead to get Vanessa back when she is taken by Ajax.

The fight is on, and as we can expect the mutants win, Deadpool gets the girl.

A different kind of superhero movie. More of an anti-hero, than a hero. Deadpool doesn't do things because they were good or correct or right. he does things for money or for revenge.

But he is pretty funny, and it will be interesting to hear him trading barbs with some of the other mutants.