Logan (2017)

Director: James Mangold


The movie is set in 2029 and Logan, The Wolverine is beat up and weary. He is losing his powers and works as a chauffeur. He is caring for the ailing Professor Charles Xavier and is trying to withdraw from the world. Mutant numbers are shrinking 

Into his world comes a young Mexican mutant girl, who is being pursued by some mutant hunting organization. A woman wants Logan to take her to some place in Canada. Logan wants no part of her but the Professor is anxious to help her.

As the movie goes on we see that she has powers like the Wolverine, and then find out that she has been created from his DNA and is his clone.

It was interesting to see the not so glorious demise of a super-hero as Logan retires from the world, and Hugh Jackman retires from a role he first played in seventeen years ago (X-Men 2000).

Like Batman Begins, this movie tries to show you the life of the superhero behind the costume. The movie references Shane, who was also a kind of a superhero who came in to town and helped against the evil interlopers. Logan is also like the character Bill Munny, from Unforgiven (1992). He is just a pale imitation of his former self, but must pull himself together for one final job.

Logan looks at the X-Men comic books and says they are filled with lies and exaggeration, like the dime store Westerns that we saw in Unforgiven. 

A really good movie that has a super-hero looking at his life as the age of super-heroes is coming to an end.