Suicide Squad (2016)

Director: David Ayer                

The movie took a long time in the beginning trying to introduce the characters, but they really didn't have enough time just because there were so many. For people who were familiar with the comics the introductions were probably too long, and for those who were unfamiliar with them the introductions were much too short.

I really liked the idea of updating the Dirty Dozen with super villains and I also liked the ides (stolen from Escape from New York) of having explosives in their necks to control them.

But ultimately the story was too weak and the characters too under-developed for the movie too be any good.

I got Deadshot's motivation for trying to reform as his character was probably the most developed, but why did he become an assassin to begin with? Harley had some charisma but she really only had a bat. Most of the other characters I knew little or nothing about (except for the guy who killed his wife and children because he got mad).

I think it could have been much better.