X-Men : Apocalpse (2016)

Director: Bryan Singer                   

The movie opens up with a scene from ancient Egypt. A ceremony is about to commence in which a super-mutant is being transferred more powers from another mutant, but the ceremony is sabotaged by Egyptian guards.
We then flash to more modern times and see Nightcrawler and Angel fighting it out in a ring for money. We see a younger Professor X working with Cyclops who is just getting his powers. 
We then see an underground pyramid being worshiped by some Egyptians. A government agent (Moira Mactaggert) sneaks in and sees the ceremony. The pyramid lights up and En Sabah Nur (Apocalypse) wakes up.
Then we see another origin story with Erik Lehnsherr out in the country with his family. He had saved someone's life in the factory he worked at with his magneto powers but now the people come for him because he is a mutant.  They ask if he is Magneto. His daughter who is a mutant becomes agitated and birds begin attacking the men. The little girl and Eric's wife get killed by accident. Erik then kills them all. 
Meanwhile Apocalypse begins walking around and gathering mutant recruits.  He takes on three, including Angel, and then takes on Magneto too. There is a really good scene of Apocalypse recruiting Magneto.
We see Jean Grey and Sean flirting. Raven returning to visit the school. More of the origin stories get filled in. Nightcrawler joins in with the X-Men.
Charles contacts Erik telepathically but Erik won't listen. He is too bitter. Apocalypse then uses Charles brain to connect with all the mutants on earth. Apocalypse wants to get rid of all weapons and superpowers who he thinks are hurting the world.
When Xavier's school gets bombed, Quicksilver goes around and saves everyone. The freeze frame scenes are really good. 
Wolverine pops in for a guest appearance.
The two groups break out in to fighting and guess who wins? A pretty good movie.