Fantastic Four (2015)

Director : Josh Trank                    

Reed and Ben meet in grammer school, and Reed starts working on teleportation. When they present their invention at a high school science fair, a scientist, Dr. Franklin Storm,  believes in Reed's invention.

Franklin feels that Reed's machine sends things to another dimension. He brings together his daughter, Sue,  Reed and Victor Von Doom together. Johnny Storm also joins the team. Although they fight at first the team begins to come together.

They successfully send a chimp to a new dimension and they bring him back.

Government officials want to get NASA involved, now that it works.

Reed, Victor, and Johnny decide to take the trip before it gets taken over. Reed also brings his old friend Ben along. They make it to another dimension,

Things start exploding and they lose Victor down a cliff. Sue brings the craft with Reed, Ben and Johnny back but there is an explosion in the lab and Sue gets knocked out. Reed's limbs are all stretched out and Johnny breaks out in in flames. Ben looks like a rock creature.

Reed blames himself and takes off. Ben and Johnny start working with the army. Sue helps to track down Reed and the army and Ben brings him back. Sue hopes to get through the gate to the other dimension again to see if they can fix things.

When they get back to the new dimension they find Victor, and he is very powerful, and angry.Victor kills Dr. Storm, right in front of his children. The team comes together and defeats Doom,

The team then gets together to research and be a team.

Not too good, but not as bad as the reviews.