Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Director : Zack Snyder                   

Batman and Superman begin to see each other as rivals Batman begins to wonder if Superman is a threat to humanity. 
Meanwhile Lex Luther is trying to import kryptonite but is blocked by a Senator. Lex begins experimenting with General Zod's body to see the effect of kryptonite on it.
Bruce meets Diane Prince at one of Luthor's parties. He finds out she is an immortal, and that Luthor is also searching for other metahumans like her. We also see file clips of the Flash and Submariner.
Wayne decides he needs to acquire some kryptonite in case he needs it to battle Superman.
Luthor causes a bombing at the congressional hearings on Superman. Dozens of people are killed, along with Senator Finch.
Luthor kidnaps Martha Kent, and forces Superman to fight Batman. Batman has developed kryptonite weapons and refuses to listen to Superman.
In the ensuing battle Batman with his krpytonite weapons gains the upper hand. Before he can kill Superman with a kryptonite spear, Lois arrives and lets Batman know what is really going on. Luthor is trying to manipulate everyone.
Luthor unleashes a monster made with General Zod's DNA. Diana Prince joins Batman and Superman in the fight against it. The monster can absorb energy but it does have kryptonite as a weakness. Superman stabs it with the spear but in his weakened condition he is also killed.
Luther is arrested but gloats over Superman's death. At Clark's funeral Wayne tells Prince that he plans to form a team of metahumans starting with the ones if Luther's files to help protect the world.
As they leave the funeral the dirt around Clark's coffin begins to rise and you can hear a faint heart beat,
Overall the plot was too convoluted and didn't come together. Batman and Superman didn't need to be enemies, they were both doing the same things.
There has been a lot of action in all the super hero movies being made, so if one is going to stand out now, the story had better be good, and this one was just mediocre,