The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

Director : Marc Webb

Spiderman : Andrew Garfield

In the first hour of the movie Peter battles with guilt, as he dwells on his promise to Gwen's father to stay away from her. But without Gwen, Peter's life seems empty. Peter also digs in to his past as he becomes obsessed in finding out what happened to his parents.
But the action heats up in the second half. Harry Osborn, one of Peter's oldest friends, thinks that he needs Spiderman's blood to help with his genetic problems. When Spidey won't help the battle is on. And Max Dillon, an electrical engineer, whose life Spiderman had saved, also turns against him when he gets jolted by electricity and becomes Electro.
The executives at Oscorp try to pin the blame for Max's death on Harry. Peter then finds out that it was Norman Osborn was the one who betrayed his father. He also finds out why his father abandoned him.
Harry teams up with Electro to get even with Spiderman, who they both think betrayed them. Harry and Max, who feel they have been abandoned and betrayed by Oscorp and by Spidey, team up.
When Electro attacks, Gwen comes to help out Peter. With her knowledge of science and electricity she thinks she can help. Together they defeat Electro, but then the Green Goblin (Harry) shows up. In the fight with the green Goblin Gwen falls to her death. her father was right.
Peter is inconsolable. But then the Rhino shows up and a little boy in a Spiderman outfit steps out of the crowd to confront him. The next thing you know Spiderman appears.
One thing the movie really has going for it are the quality of the cast : Emma Stone, Chris Cooper, Sally Field, Jaime Foxx, Paul Giamatti who all play their roles straight, and without camp. The movie is also beautifully filmed. The weakness of the movie is the plot. It has some story lines that it wants to connect, and the plot seems contrived and a little forced. But the action sequences and acting are very good, and overall, so is the movie.