Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Director : James Gunn


It's 1988 and 9 year old Peter Quill is sitting in a hospital listening to a mix tape of 70's music. His grandfather comes out to get him to say goodbye to his mother, who is dying of cancer. When she dies Peter runs outside and is sucked up by a spaceship.

Twenty six years later Peter, listening to his music, is searching for an orb on a deserted planet. He finds it but soon begins a shoot-out with aliens.His partner Yondu wants the orb, but Peter decided to sell it on his own.

Peter now has Yondu after him, as well as some lord named Ronan, Ronan sends the green Nebula to get the orb. The orb is the latest MacGuffin in the movies that can be used to destroy the world.

A bounty hunter named Rocket, who is racoon and has a tree man named Groot as his enforcer are also after Peter.

The story is hard to follow; you need a scorecard to follow who the good guys are, or if there are good guys. But there is really good action, good characters, good dialogue and good music.

The movie works because it doesn't take itself too seriously. It concentrates on the action scenes as it drags out one villain after another. We hear about the possibility of worlds being destroyed, but the story takes a back seat to everything else.