Dr. Strange (1978)

Director : Phillip DeGuere                                      

"There is a barrier that separates the known from the unknown. Beyond this threshold lies a battleground where forces of good and evil are in eternal conflict. The fate of mankind hangs in the balance and awaits the outcome. In every age and time, some of us are called to join the battle."

Morgan LeFay, the enemy of Light, is called in from her exile to again try to defeat those of earth who defeated her 500 years before. She is given three days to accomplish her task by a master demon.

Meanwhile on earth Thomas Lindmer, the Ancient One, Sorcerer Supreme, is ready to pass on his title of champion of Light. He knows that Morgan is coming. She is to be the first of the dark ones to cross the barrier. The master sends his assistant Wong to find Stephen Strange,  Stephen is a psychiatric doctor and a playboy. 

Morgan comes to New York and the Ancient One confronts her and tells her she shall not pass. He has cast her out before and will do it again. The battle begins. Morgan takes over a woman's body and throws Thomas off a bridge and he is hit by a car. He gets up and walks away.

Thomas is worried about the young women whose body Morgan took over. She may be in psychologically scarred. He sends Wong out to find her but Clea shows up in Dr. Strange's office. She is disoriented and confused and doesn't know her name.

Thomas comes to see Clea in the hospital. He uses his hypnotic powers to get in to see her. Thomas and Stephen talk about Clea. Stephen remembers Thomas from reading Clea's thoughts. Thomas tells Stephen that he should come see him.

Stephen goes to see Thomas and Thomas tells him about himself. Thomas knew his father who had died in a car crash long ago. Stephen's father and Thomas both saw the powers that he had in him and his father had given Stephen a ring with  Thomas tells him about the magic and sorcerer powers he could have. Thomas tells him that the car crash his parents died in was supposed to kill him,

Thomas sends Stephen on a psychic journey to other dimensions and the astro plane. His ring will protect him if he gets in danger. He also tells him to say "In the name of Rael, Scourge of Demons, I command you. Begone!" if he gets in trouble.  

He meets Clea  on his journey and sends the demon that Morgan sent after him off with his chant. When she awakens Clea seems to be better. Morgan's time is running out. 

Morgan comes to Thomas' house and they fight, but she is too strong. She commands the prince of hell to take Thomas to their domain.

Morgan comes after Clea and tells Stephen she won't be harmed if he comes with her. She tries to tempt Stephen to join with her. She tells him to take off the ring, but he won't do it.

Morgan shows Stephen the body of the captured Thomas. She tells Stephen to take of fthe ring and rule with her, but he refuses. He uses his powers to fight her off and frees Thomas. The master demon turns Morgan in to the old woman she is.

Stephen excepts the role as defender of the Light and receives new powers. he now must acquire the wisdom to go with his powers.

A TV movie with pretty low production values and not exactly true to the comic strip , but overall it was well done. In 2016 a Doctor Strange movie is slated for release.   Click Here