Kick-Ass 2 (2013)

Director : Jeff Wadlow

The first movie was good because it was so different, it was so shocking to have the little girl running wild and because of Nicholas Cage. All of those things were missing in this movie.

The movie was supposed to be funny but it was just depressing. I don't know if there was one funny moment in the movie.

I still liked Aaron Taylor-Johnson in his Kick-Ass role but Chloe Grace Moretz just wasn't the same all grown up. When she said carzy things as a little girl it was pretty funny, when she said the same things all grown up the humor fell flat.

Jim Carrey took a role as Colonel Stars and Stripes - bad decision. Totally wasted in this role.

It's too bad i watched this movie because it makes me not want to watch the first one ever again, and that's too bad because the first one was pretty good.