X-Men : Days of Future Past (2014)

Director : Bryan Singer

The movie opens up with robotic Sentinels hunting and killing mutants. A war is on and the mutants are being decimated. Wolverine is sent back in time to try to stop the program that allowed the development of the Sentinels, whci was spear headed by Dr. Bolivar Trask.

When Logan gets back to the past he must convince the young Charles Xavier of what must be done. Charles doesn't have his powers because he is taking a serum that allows him to walk, but hinders his other abilities. Charles is distraught because Mystique has left him as she begins her vendetta against the humans. Her killing of Trask in an event that must be prevented.

The movie introduces new mutants including Peter/Quicksilver who had a great scene. Beast also had some good scenes but many of the X-Men like Rogue, Storm and Toad only have cameos. Jean Grey does appear at the end in the now new alternative future.

Mystique, was as usual, really good and is emerging as the star of the series. She is a thinking woman who is not one to be led around by the men. She thinks for herself, and will do what she thinks is the right thing for mutants.

The movie was really good, but it did make the X-Men story line pretty fuzzy. We now don't know what events in the past may or may not have occurred because everything is now changed. And if they can change it once why not do it again?