The Wolverine (2013)

Director : James Mangold

The Wolverine drags himself from woods to kill some guy who killed a grizzlry bear friend of his. A Japanese martial arts girl helps him out in a bar fight and then brings him back to meet an old friend from the war.
The plot is kind of ludicrous as Wolverine loses his healing powers because there is some kind of spider on his hearts but he still manages to kill a couple of dozen guys.
Wolverine's friend ends up not being his friend, but wants to steal his healing powers. Wolverine fights with this Viper character who really never fit in the movie. Wolverine's friend then gets in a big robot suit and fights it out with Wolverine. In the end his own daughter ends up killing him.
According to director James Mangold, this film is influenced by the Japanese samurai films 13 Assassins and Hiroshi Inagaki's Musashi Miyamoto Samurai trilogy; the Westerns Shane and The Outlaw Josey Wales; the crime films The French Connection and Chinatown; and the dramas Black Narcissus, Floating Weeds, Chungking Express and Happy Together. There is a difference though, all of those movies had good plots.
Overall i was disappointed. I don't think Wolverine can carry a movie by himself. There is only so much dicing up you can take.