All Superheroes Must Die (2011)

Director : Jason Trost

Written, directed and starring Jason Trost, this movie was originally released as VS. it is about a super-villian Rickshaw (James Remar) who takes away the powers of disarms the superpowers of Cutthroat, The Wall, Charge, and Shadow. he then tells them if they don't play the game by his rules he will kill everyone in the city.
The superheroes start going about performing their assigned tasks. If they don't win the game everyone in the town will die. All the superheroes have injections that have taken away their power, except for Charge. Rickshaw is forcing the heroes to work as a team again.
First task, defeat a cage fighter in 90 seconds free some people and defuse a bomb. In round one they can't sav some civilians but they do save themselves.
In round two they must shoot themselves and then an innocent civilian will go free, Charge takes the gun and shoots all the civilians. He takes the guilt away from his partners.
In round three Cutthroat is presented with the option of killing one of his fellow heroes, or his sister dies. Cutthroat was going ti kill Charge, but Charge stops him and Cutthroat gets killed in the struggle, Only two superheroes left, Shadow and Charge.
In round three one of them must die in thirty seconds or everything blows up. Charge has Shadow shoot him, and he goes down. Somehow, being a superhero, he gets back up and shoots Rickshaw. Now he has to save the town from blowing up
Very dark for a superhero movie combined with a cheap look and feel. A very low 3.7 rating on IMDB, but it was much better than that.