Man of Steel (2013)

Director : Zack Snyder

There were many things I thought were good about the movie but there were some things I didn't like as well. I liked that the movie tried to fill in some background information about what was going on back on Krypton. The scenes were beautifully filmed. But the story line up there didn't make too much sense. Why wouldn't Jor-El and his wife try to escape? Jor-El's wife would send the baby off with out her because they were part of what was wrong with Krypton? I don't think so.
I also wasn't wild about the deceased Jor-El coming back and helping his son and Lois out. A civilization that could do something so high tech like that would have no trouble fleeing their planet particularly since thousands had left before then. I also wished the characters on Krypton had spoken something other than English.
I did like the use of flashbacks showing Clark growing up. I think the movie did a pretty good job of showing Clark growing in to the man he was to become but i think there could have been even more character development.
The fight scenes used too much CGI for me. They also just seemed to go on and on. the whole sub-plot of Clark's body holding the DNA code for Krypton was a little too far out there too.
Overall, a good effort but i thought the movie could have been better.