Iron Man 3 (2013)

Director : Shane Black

I was disappointed in this movie. It was beautifully filmed but it depended too much om gimics and special effects. The movie made the character Iron Man irrelevant. Now we have a computer that can control 10 or 20 iron men, each one of them as powerful as the original.
We also had the new suit that would come together on Tony in pieces. Wherever he was he could call his suit and the pieces would try to make their way to him. Interesting at first, but once again made irrelevant by the iron man controlled by the computer or by Tony himself.
The story was weak. it seemed like it was just slapped together from several different ideas.
I thought Ben Kingsley was really good as the villain and then as the comic relief, but the twist helped to ruin the story.
Blowing up all the other iron men at the end doesn't make Iron Man more important, it just shows how easily he can be replaced. The movie should have used new technology to make Iron Man more powerful, not to make him superfluous.