Catwoman (2004)

Director : Pitof

I never saw this movie because the reviews were so bad, but I must say that I was pleasantly surprised during the first half hour. Halle Berry was good as the shy ad-woman and the story was setting up pretty good with an evil executive George Hedare marketing a dangerous product. Sharon Stone played his wife, and she was not happy with his philandering.
Patience (Helle) gets a love interest in a police officer, Tom Lone. Patience while running away from the bad guy falls down in some chemicals and a cat meows at her, and all of a sudden she has some powers. Pretty weak origin story.
Patience transforms herself from quiet and shy in to sassy and bold. Before you know it she is breaking up a robbery and CGI-ing her way up and down walls. When she
Patience then gets her condition explained to her by some cat lady. She tells her she died and was reborn. There have been other Catwoman in the past. The next thing you know Catmwoman is scantily clad and decked out in a leather outfit with a whip. The movie is starting to take a turn for the worse.
Catwoman is now intent on getting even with Hedare, who killed her and who is now releasing a beauty product that will poison millions. Hedare gets on the phone and says "But this is a disaster. A total bloody disaster."
in his review Roger Ebert says: "Although the movie's faults are many, the crucial one is that we never get any sense of what it feels like to turn into a catwoman. The strength of "Spider-Man 2" is in the ambivalence that Peter Parker has about being part nerdy student, part superhero. In Catwoman, where are the scenes where a woman comes to grip with the fact that her entire nature and even her species seems to have changed?"
It's too bad about this movie, it didn't have to be a disaster. Halle Berry and Sharon Stone light up the screen and Benjamin Bratt and Lambert Wilson are both pretty good too. The story line wasn't bad, with a beauty product that will make millions for the maker but injure the users in the future. But the writing was poor, the origin story weak and the action sequences were really badly done. The movie has a 3.2 rating on IMDB, the lowest of all the superhero movies, but I think there were some that were worse.