Unbreakable (2000)

Director : M. Night Shyamalan

The movie opens with the birth of Elijah in 1961 in a Philadelphia Department store. Elijah is born with broken arms and legs. David Dunn is a creepy sort of a guy who takes his wedding ring off when he meets a pretty girl on a train. David (Bruce Willis) becomes the only survivor of a horrific traffic accident that kills 131 people, but he comes out a little dazed, but without a scratch. David gets a note asking him if he has ever been sick, and when he checks his sick days, he finds he hasn't taken one. He also doesn't remember ever being sick.

Meanwhile in West Philadelphia Elijah Price is called Mr. Glass in school, because he is always breaking bones. he is afraid to even go out of the house. His mother buys him a box of comics to help to get him to leave the house. As Elijah (Samuel L. Jackson) grows up, he becomes an expert in, and a dealer in comics. Elijah had heard about the miraculous sole survivor of the train wreck and he is the one who left the note for David. David comes to visit, and Elijah questions him about his history. David thinks Elijah is a scam artist.

Elijah goes to see David, where he works as a guard at a sports stadium. David has the ability to spot spectators who may be trouble. Elijah asks David what his power is, but David doesn't want to talk about it. Elijah tries to follow him but falls down the stairs, but he does see the gun that David had sensed a spectator had on him. Elijah broke a lot of bones and will have months of therapy before him. His therapist just happens to be David's wife.

Elijah tells David's wife what he thinks about her husband. David's son gets hurt at school and he goes in. The nurse tells David that years ago, when he was a boy, she had sent him to the hospital. David had been at the bottom of the pool for five minutes.

David's son, Joseph, takes out a gun to shoot his father, to prove to him that Elijah was right. Joseph ends up not doing it. Elijah tells David that David is sad in the morning because he knows that he is not doing what he is supposed to be doing.

David comes around to realize that Elijah is right. Elijah tells him that his weakness is water. David begins to go where people are, so he can do good. He begins to notice all the bad that is happening around him. he can also sense when someone he sees is going to do something bad. He begins to intervene, to keep evil from happening. He kills a psycho who has tied up and beaten a woman. A new superhero is born.

But then David senses that Elijah is really an arch-villain. He is David's opposite. Elijah is Mr. Glass and a terrorist. David led authorities to Elijah's store where they found evidence of terrorism. Elijah was sent to a hospital for the criminally insane.

A really good superhero movie. An original mystery thriller that needs to be seen more then once.