Sky High (2005)

Director : Mike Mitchell

Will Stronghold is under a lot of pressure. He is the child of two the two best super heroes on the planet, Commander and and the high-speed flying Jetstream, and his powers have not kicked in yet. It is time for him to go to Sky High, and every one else there seems to have their powers. Freezing, elasticity, speed, strength, shape shifter, flame thrower, creating duplicates - there are super powers all over the place. Will and his best friend Layla are lined up with the others where their powers will be judged, and they will then be assigned to be a hero or a sidekick.

When Will goes up and has no superhero, everyone is disappointed, an he assigned to be a sidekick. Will tries to tell his father, but doesn't want to disappoint him. Layla who has nature powers, comes over to visit. Will takes his first class in Hero Support and then tells his Dad he has no powers. When he gets picked on in the cafeteria his powers kick in : super strength. He gets transferred to the hero class.

Will dates a girl, but it ends up being an evil super villain in disguise, Royal Pain. Royal Pain that uses a ray gun to turn the Commander, Jetstream and others back in to babies. The sidekicks step up and help save the day.

Kind of silly, but a pretty good Disney good for kids. Another twist on the popular high school kids making life miserable for everybody else.