The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Director : Louis Leterrier

The movie opens with Bruce Banner (Ed Norton) on the floor, and a graphic saying "Days Without Incident 158". Bruce is in Brazil working in a soda plant. He is also working on controlling his emotions. Bruce also has people looking for a particular flower that may cure him from his gama poisoning. But the flower ends up not being safe.

The Army gets a clue to Bruce's whereabouts and General Ross, Bruce's girfriend Betty's father, sends in Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth), on loan from the Royal Marines, and an army squad to get him. Under the stress of a fight at work and trying to evade capture, Bruce turns in to the Hulk. When Bruce comes to he is in Guatemala.

General Ross explains to Blonsky that Banner was working for the Army on a super serum that he tried on himself. Ross feels that Banner's entire body belongs to the government. He wants to use what is in Bruce's body as a weapon for the Army. Bruce goes to Betty's college to see her, but she is with another man. But when she sees him it is like they have never been apart.

Blonsky wants his youth back, and the General wants to try out his serum again, so they give him a low dose of the serum. Then they go after Bruce again. When a soldier tackles Betty Bruce turns in to the Hulk. The army starts shooting at the Hulk but he crushes their trucks. Then Blonsky goes in to action. He leads the Hulk in to a couple of sound wave cannons, but the Hulk crushes that too. Then helicopters attack, they are crushed too, and the Hulk saves Betty.

A friend of Betty's, Dr. Stern, is still working with Bruce to get rid of his gama poisoning. Strapped to a table, Bruce turns in to the Hulk. The antidote pumps in to his body, and the Hulk shrinks to Bruce. Is he cured? Meanwhile, Blonsky takes even more of the serum.

A crazed Blonsky attacks Bruce, but he doesn't turn. Blonsky, wants more. He wants to be like the Hulk. Dr. Stern gets him more of the serum, and Bronsky turns in to a big Hulk-like monster. Bruce has to turn in to the Hulk to stop the monster, and he doesn't even know if he will change. But Bruce does turn, and the fight is on. The monster makes a mistake and threatens Betty, and the heroic Hulk steps up and crushes him.

When it is over Bruce goes up to British Columbia to work on his control. Tony Stark comes to see General Ross about recruiting for a team he is forming.

This was a very well done movie, but is the Hulk a superhero? He just seems to react when people attack him or when Betty gets in trouble. But Bruce Banner is definitely a good guy, so will give the Hulk the benefit of the doubt and let him join the club.