Iron Man (2008)

Director : Jon Favreau

The movie opens with arms merchant Tony Stark being wounded in Afghanistan by a bomb and then he is captured. The movie flashes back to the millionaire genius playboy who has just taken over his father's arms company. Tony lives a fast life and has a lot of toys.

Tony arrives in Afghanistan and shows the military his new missile. Next thing you know he has a car battery hooked to a electro-magnet that is keeping the shrapnel from reaching his heart. When he refuses to build a missile for his captives, they torture him.

Tony pretends to build the missile but instead builds an iron suit that will turn him in to a human weapon, while also keeping the shrapnel away from his heart. It doesn't look too flashy, but it works and Iron Man is born. Rockets, flame throwers, and he can fly, although not too good.

When Tony gets back to the States, he has a change of heart about what he has been doing. he realizes that he has more to offer the world than just blowing it up. he is getting out of the weapons making business.

Tony wants to go back to working on arc reactor technology. Tony begins working a an Iron Man suit with the new arc technology. Before you know Tony can fly in a shiny silver computer driven suit. There are still bugs in the suit but Tony begins to work them out.

Meanwhile, back in Afghanistan Raza and the rebels are working to make a working model of Tony's original suit. We later find out that Tony's assistant had paid Raza to kill Tony, and is still financing Raza now. Raza has built a suit of his own.

Tony finds out that Obadiah Stane, who helps run his company, is still selling weapons behind Tony's back. Tony's new suit is a beautiful gold and red. Tony flies back to Afghanistan to test his new suit out and destroy the weapons his company had shipped there. His new suit has some great new features.

Stane goes over to Afghanistan and takes the suit from Raza, and gives it to his engineers to work on. Stane then paralyzes Tony, and then takes out his arc reactor out of his chest, so that he can make new weapons out of the technology. Tony struggles downstairs and gets an old reactor to put in to his chest. Stane puts the reactor he took in to his new robotic suit. Soon Iron Man is fighting it out with Stane in his new suit. Stane, in a much larger suit, beats up Iron Man pretty good, but in the end, Iron Man is triumphant.

A really good super hero movie. Good story, good acting and beautifully filmed.