Superman 3 (2003)

Director : Richard Lester

The movie starts out revelling in its goofiness as Superman rescues a man drowning in his car, and remains consistent throughout..

Richard Pryor plays Gus Gorman, a man who was out of work and went for training as a computer programmer. Gus latches on to a die based on something that happened in real life. he programs the computer to find all half cents that are floating around out there and to put them in to his bank account.

On his way back to a school reunion in Smallville, Superman puts out a fire by freezing a lake with his breathe and then carrying the ice back to the fire. Back at Smallville Clark starts hanging around with Lana Lane.

Gus' boss, Ross Webster, discovers what he is doing, and he wants to use his computer talents for some other evil activities. When Superman ruins one of their plans Webster wants to do away with him. They produce some lab based Kryptonite, and Superman takes a turn towards the mean.

Gus writes a program that guides all the oil ships to a certain area in the middle of the Atlantic. Meanwhile Superman turns in to a pretty bad guy. He somehow even fights his good side.

Not really too good of a superhero movie. Story was weak and acting was worse. Wasn't too much fun to see Superman as a bad guy. Looked like an episode of the Batman TV show. Also one of the worst things a bad movie can do is be too long. Not worth seeing.