Spider-Man (2002)

Director : Sam Raimi

Peter Parker is a science whiz, but something of a nerd. He lives with his aunt and uncle and is in love with the popular Mary Jane Watson. At a science center Peter gets bitten by genetically designed super spider. Peter's friend Harry's father. Norman Osborn (Willem Dafoe), is a genius and is working on performance enhancers for humans. He works with government funding and is under pressure to produce.

Peter's body undergoes a molecular change as a result of the spider bite. Norman Osborn takes the performance enhancer himself, and he undergoes a molecular change. The Spider-man and the Green Goblin are born.

Peter begins to discover that he has certain abilities. The whole world slows down for him. He begins to realize what happened to him with the spider bite. He begins to run across the roof tops and then he discovers his web ability.

Peter begins to practice with and develop more spider skills. he fights a cage wrestling match and gets the name of Spider-Man. When the wrestling promoter cheat Peter out of his money, he doesn't stop a thief. The thief then car jacks and kills Uncle Ben. Catching his uncle's killer is his first act as a super hero.

Spidey starts to do good deeds, and the newspapers try to figure out who he is. Why does he wear a mask? Peter starts as a free lance photographer for the Daily Bugle, and begins to film his own daring deeds.

Meanwhile Norman Osborn's company gets sold right out from underneath him. He then makes his appearance as the Green Goblin on a glider he invented. He bombs his old building with the men in it. Peter saves MJ who was in the building with her boyfriend, Harry and fights the Green Goblin.

In a parallel to the Superman story, MJ like Lois Lane, begins to fall for the superhero, when in real life the superhero's alter-ego is in love with her.

Norman discovers what his alter-ego has done. The performance enhancing drugs have created and evil entity inside of Norman. The Goblin knocks out Spidey and tries to get him to join up with him but Spidey is not interested. Spidey then visits MJ, and as she walks away a gang followers her. Bad move on their part.

Norman, Harry and MJ come over to the Parker's for dinner and Norman realizes that Peter is Spider-Man. He also insults MJ and Harry doesn't defend her. The Green Goblin then attacks the apartment and hurts Aunt May.

Goblin grabs MJ and Spidey comes to her rescue and saves some kids too. The crowd finally gets on Spidey's side as they see what is going on. The Goblin then explodes a bomb in front of Spidey and then beats him up. But Spidey fights back and Goblin actually ends up killing himself with the spiked sled that he aimed at Spidey.

Good acting, good story and a great look. The Green Goblin made for a really good villain and the special effects were really also really well done. An excellent superhero movie.