X-Men Origins : Wolverine (2009)

Director : Gavin Hood        

The movie starts in 1845 Canada, when a man shoots a boy's father, the boy has claws come out an he kills the man, who he then finds out is his father. The boy then runs off with his brother. We then see the brothers fighting for the Union in the Civil War and then fighting in World War I. Next they are fighting in World War II and then Viet Nam. Logan's brother is a killer and generally out of control. He kills an officer in Viet Nam and then Major Stryker comes to see the brothers in jail after the firing squad didn't work on them. Stryker wants them to join his special team.
The brothers sign on to the team and the mutant team, led by Stryker, go after a special mineral in Africa. Logan's brother has claws coming out of his fingernails. Logan doesn't like the killing and leaves the team. He gets a girl, Kayla, and becomes a lumberjack. Then one day Stryker shows up. He tells Logan that the old team is being hunted down and killed.
Then Logan's brother, Victor, shows up. Logan finds Kayla dead. When his brother beats him up, Stryker hooks him up wtih claws made of a new metal, Adimantium, which was the metal Stryker had been looking for in the jungle. The process is really painful, but Logan pulls through. They were going to erase his memory, but Logan hears them and breaks out as Wolverine. Stryker then orders him to be killed. We later learn that Stryker is behind it all. He is having Victor bring all the mutants to him on an island for experimentation.
Stryker wants to wipe out the mutants before they get a chance to form. it is a preemptive strike. Then we find out that Stryker's son was a mutant, and that he killed Stryker's wife. Once the army finds this out they want to shut the operation down. Stryker then kills the general. We then find out that Stryker is looking to create a Weapon 11, a combination of all the mutant genes. We then see that Logan's girlfriend is still alive. She was a plant and a mutant, placed to keep an eye on him. Her death was just staged. Wolverine is now a very bitter man.
Wolverine fights his brother again but then lets him go. Kayla tells Logan that they were holding her sister, which is why she worked for them. Logan frees all the captive mutants, but then must face Weapon 11. Weapon 11 has powers of many of the different mutants. Victor joins in to help his brother and together they defeat him but logan's girlfriend gets killed. Wolverine gets shot by Stryker with a Adimantium bullet and loses his memory.
The story was just OK, but the acting by the brothers was very good. The story tied together some loose ends, and shed some light on the enigmatic Wolverine. A pretty good superhero movie.