Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Director : Sam Raimi

When the movie opens Peter is struggling to make money and to get things done at school. Harry and MJ drop over for his birthday. Harry has the famous Dr. Octavius working for his firm. Harry still wants Spider-Man dead, blaming him for the death of his father.

Doctor Octavius is working on nuclear fusion and renewable energy. Peter gets to meet him, and is writing a paper on him. Peter goes to see MJ on Broadway, but gets there too late. After the show he sees Harry come up and kiss MJ. Then his web stops working on the way home and he takes a fall. MJ is very disappointed Peter couldn't make it again.

Doctor Octavius gives a demo of his new invention. Smart arms hooked in to his spine are controlled directly by his brain. He then goes on to try his fusion experiment, which goes wrong. His robotic arms have fused and now become part of him. Doc Ock is now on the loose. Harry's company is hit hard by the failure of the fusion experiment.

MJ is marrying someone else. Peter is beginning yo lose his Spider powers - he just isn't in to it. He decides to give up being Spider-Man. Peter begins to catch up in school and he finally gets to see MJ on Broadway.

In the meatime Doc Ock is up to no good. and Harry obsesses over getting even with Spider-Man. Doc ock goes to Harry to get more s tritium to run his experiment and Harry tells him he will give it to him if he brings Spider-Man to him. With Spidey retired,c crime is up 75%. With a building burning down Peter enters in to finds a child even though he is not in uniform and rescues him. Doc Ock then finds Peter and tells him to have Spider-Man meet him of he will kill MJ.

They meet and fight all over town. Doc Ock finally wins and brings Spidey to Harry. Harry is about to kill Spidey when he unmasks him. Spidey then goes after MJ. Doc is still tring to make his machine when Spidey shows up. Th battle begins again.

Probably better than the first Spider-Man because the story and look were even better. Here we have a Spider-man who is torn between living a normal life with the woman he loves, and the obligation he feels to do good. Spidey makes the heroic choice.

A really good superhero movie. Has to be near the top of the list.