Hulk (2003)

Director : Ang Lee

David Banner is a genetic researcher who is conducting experiments on himself and on his young son Bruce. When what he is doing is discovered David is kicked off the government project by Col. Ross, so David blows up the institute and tries to kill his son, but ends up killing his wife. Years later Bruce is living with his adapted parents and works at a Nuclear Biotechnology Institute.

Bruce's co-worker and ex-girlfriend is Betty Ross, Col. Ross' daughter. Col. Ross is now a general and keeps an eye on the young couple, even though he is estranged from his daughter. David Banner is also looking in on his son, as a janitor at the Institute.

Betty's ex-boyfriend Glen Talbot, is looking to get Bruce's and Betty's research. He is looking to turn their research in to a money making scheme : instantly repairable soldiers.

After an accident in the lab, Bruce absorbs radiation and isn't hurt. His father (Nick Nolte) visits him in the hospital and tells him who he really is. he tells Bruce that the government put him away for thirty years. He also tells him that everything he is seeking is inside of him. Betty's father come to see her too. He has concerns about Bruce.

Bruce gets angry and all of a sudden he changes in to a green monster : the Hulk. He starts destroying everything around him. When he wakes up he is back to normal. Later Bruce gets in to a fight with Talbot and transforms again. Hulk throws Talbot though the front of the house. hulk then goes to see Betty. She can see that it is Bruce, and he picks her up. A pack of really big dogs attack and Hulk tears them apart.

When Bruce returns he knows that it was his father who sent the genetically altered dogs. Talbot then gets Bruce hooked up to a machine in a tank of water. Bruce morphs to the Hulk and breaks out. Talbot and his men attack the Hulk but Hulk fights his way out. The army, led by General Ross, try to stop the Hulk, but he keeps going on to Betty. When the Hulk sees Betty he changes back to Bruce.

The army straps Bruce in to an electrified chair. They then bring his father to see him. Bruce tells his father he now can remember his mother. His father then tells Bruce that he wants his real son, the one in side to come out. The Hulk does come out and is again attacked by the army, this time with a rocket.

It's hard to say if the Hulk is a superhero or not. He wants to protect Betty, but anyone else who gets in his way had better watch out. I don't think I'd feel too safe if I had to depend on the Hulk to defend the world.

The movie was a little too long, but overall a good movie with really good special effects.