Fantastic Four : Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

Director : Tim Story

Something from outer space is bringing freezing temperatures to the earth. Also on the news is the upcoming marriage of Reed Richards and Susan Storm. The army shows up at headquarters looking for Dr. Richards, but he is at his bachelor party. Sue brings them over, and Reed is dancing up a storm. Reed refuses to help the army because of his upcoming wedding. But Reed, being Reed, does build a machine for the army that detects radiation.

At the wedding Reed gets an alert from his new machine about cosmic radiation. A helicopter crashes down on the wedding and then they see a flash going across the sky. Johnny chases the streak. Sue's wedding day is ruined. Johnny catches up with a Silver Surfer and is sent crashing down.

Sue touches Johnny and their powers change. Johnny's encounter with the Silver Surfer has changed his molecular structure. The army brings Victor Von Doom in to help. Doom has information about the alien but Reed doesn't trust him.

When the Silver Surfer appears Sue talks to him. he says he has no choice but to destroy the planet. Teed invents a machine that takes the Surfer down. The Surfer then tells Sue about Galactus, the devourer of worlds. It needs energy to survive. The Surfer works for Galactus in order to save his world.

Doctor Doom suits up and now the Fantastic Four have to deal with him too. The team frees the Surfer to deal with Dr. Doom who now has the Surfer's board. Sue steps in front of a spear from Doom aimed at the Surfer and she is really hurt. Then Galactus shows up. Johnny touches all three of his partners and gets all their powers. He then goes off and beats up Dr. Doom.

The Surfer brings Sue back to life then heads off to fight Galactus, with Johnny tagging along. The Silver Surfer sacrifices himself to save the world and to end Galactus.

Not much of a story and Dr. Doom was wasted. But the Surfer looked good, and the gentle in-fighting amongst the Four was fun, Could have been much better.