Captain America : The First Avenger (2011)

Director : Joe Johnston
Captain America : Chris Evans
Villain : Hugo Weaving as Red Skull

It is 1942 and a Nazi Office Johann Schmidt is looking for the Tesseract, which is a cube containg tremendous power.

Back in America weakling Steve Rogers is repeatedly rejected from enlisting. Dr. Erksine is running a secret experiment and he selects Steve Rogers, a ninety eight pound asthmatic, as his subject. Dr. Erskine tells Steve that he had first been supported by a Nazi, Johann Schmidt, who was chasing a power left in the earth by the gods. Schmidt was determined to gain that power. But with Schmidt power was corrupted. This is why Erskine chose a weaker man, where good would become great. Steve does gain almost super human powers. Schmidt finds out where Erskine is and sends an assassin. Steve as the only one to go through the chemical program.

Schmidt, meanwhile, turns even on Hitler. he is determined, as the Red Skull, to take over the world.

The government decides tha the best way to use Steve is to get him to sell savings bonds. Eventually though, Steve wants to fight. Steve, against orders. parachutes down in to Hydra territory to find out what is going on and he frees the American prisoners from their cells. Steve then meets Schmidt, who pulls off his mask : he is the Red Skull.

It looks like Captain Rogers is killed, but somehow he makes it back. The army guys are now behind Captain America. Now it is time to go get Hydra. Howard Stark creates a shield of a special metal, and helps with the new uniform and Captain America and his men help take back Europe. Captain America fights Red Skull hand to hand, and the First Avenger comes out on top.

One of the most impressive things about this movie is the special effects that did on presenting Chris Evans' body as that of a ninety eight pound weakling. They also did a great job in re-creating the world of 1942.

A very good movie, that for the most part plays it straight. Good writing, acting and story.