The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

Director : Marc Webb

It was tough to make a movie only ten years after the original, and try to be different from that and try to remain true to the comic. I think they could have waited another five years before they tried to re-make the original, but that being said, I liked this version also.

I'm not sure which version I liked better. They were very similar, trying to be true to the Spider-Man comic. The first movie was the first to show the origin of Peter's powers, the death of Uncle Ben, the nerdy high school kid and the romance with the pretty girl. The second movie covered the same material with a little twist on each. One thing i did like was how it tied Peter's power to his father's experiments. The part about Peter inventing his web making capabilities doesn't work as well. If this material is out there on the Internet why isn't everyone using it?

The Amazing Spider-Man did have a little darker tone to Peter, which I think worked well. Andrew Garfield did a good job of playing the role straight, although there was still humor in the things happening around him. I also think Emma Stone was really good as Gwen Stacy and the other supporting cast : Sally Fields, Martin Sheen and Denis Leary were also very strong.

I thought the origin story of the Lizard and Dr, Curt Connors were really well done. The graphics have come along way in ten years and the scenes of Spidey swinging through the New York sky line were awesome.

I was a little disappointed in not finding out more about what happened to Peter's parents. If they were killed, what purpose did that serve? Also the whole Norman Osborn thing was a little cloudy, and how was Curt Connors originally involved. I'm sure these issues will be cleared up as the series progresses, but that doesn't help make this a better movie.

Overall, a very solid superhero movie.