Iron Man 2 (2010)

Director : Jon Favreau

The movie opens up with the world having discovered the real identity of Iron Man, and he is feeling pretty good. The world is at peace and Tony feels Stark Industries has something to do with it. Tony is like a superstar.

Tony gets called to testify before a congressional hearing. Does he have a secret weapon? The Ironman? Tont dismisses the committee saying that he is a nuclear deterrent who is guaranteeing world peace. He says that the government can't have the ironman, and he walks out.

Tony appoints Pepper to be the new CEO of the company. Tony then races one of his cars on a race track, and this wild man, Ivan Vanko (Micky Rourke), shows up whipping electronic chains. He cuts Tony's car in half. Tony suits up as Ironman and the fight is on. Ironman wins and Vanko is dragged away by the police.

Vanko, with help, soon escapes from jail. Tony's rival Justin Hammer is behind the escape. He brings Vanko to meet with him. Ivan is the son of a Soviet physicist who had been deported for spying. Vanko soon goes to work for Hammer with his robots. Hammer is looking to develop robots and dell them to the Pentagon.

Tony is having some trouble with the rc-core machine that keeps his heart beating. It is slowly poisoning his blood. Meanwhile the US government is thinking of going in and getting his ironman machines. Lt. Col. Rhodes (Don Cheadle) dons a suit and tries to force a drunk Ironman to leave a party. It's silver vs. red and gold. Before you know it they are shooting blasters at each other. "Rhodey" wins and takes his new suit for a ride.

Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) comes to recruit Tony. Tony is looking for a new energy source for his heart and Nick Fury wants to help. Fury tells Tony that Tony's father was on to a big energy discovery and that Vanko's father was looking to make money off of it, so he had him deported. Fury tells Tony that his father said that his father Howard said that Tony would be able to discover that energy source, which would also fix the problems he was having with his heart. Tony begins to look at what his father had left for him. His father left him a message on a film. He tells Tony that he will change the world.

Hammer begins to work with the ironman suit the Rhodey brought in and Tony goes back to work with renewed enthusiasm. Tony invents a new element for the reactor in the core. Then it's Hammer time as Hammer puts his show on for a convention. He said it wasn't fair that the ironman technology was kept from everyone else. He presents the Hammer drone, a robot that will be used by US forces. Ironman shows up and tells a suited up Rhodey that Hammer is working with Vanko. Tony and Rhodey team up and beat up the drones. Then Vanko comes suited up, but together Tony and Rhodey are too much for him too.

Nick Fury talks to Tony about the Avengers Initiative, but tells him he wants him as an consultant and not as part of the team. Tony is too much of a wild card.

The movie has a great sense of humor, a nice little love story and has some great action. It somehow avoids being campy which is not an easy thing to do. A very good superhero movie with a really good villain in Vanko. Acting was first rate for a superhero movie.