The Specials (2000)

Director : Craig Mazin

This is the story of The Specials: the 6th or 7th greatest superhero team in the world. The leader of the team is the Strobe, and it also has the Weevil, Amok and Minuteman, Deadly Girl, Mr. Smart, Eight, US Bill, Power Chick, Alien Orphan and Ms. Indestructible. Nightbird is a new member joining the team. The team is more concerned with their image and their marketing than they are with fighting evil. The team is very excited to being made in to action figures. They aren't the Crusaders yet, but they are trying harder.

The group is not happy to hear the Strobe's origin story again, but they do. Even his wife didn't want to hear it again. Weevil gets invited to be a member of the Crusaders. Amoc is played by a wise cracking, foul mouthed Jaime Kennedy. At a press

Strobe sees his wife, Ms. Indestructible with Weevil in a car. The Specials are not happy with the goofy action figures that Hasboro has come up with and an angry Strobe announces the dissolution of the Specials. Weevil goes to the Crusaders and trashes his old team.

This adult movie is mocking the superhero movies that take themselves so seriously. Origin stories, secret identities, and Superhero reputations are some of the targets. Lots of misses and a few hits in this very uneven movie with juvenile humor, but aimed at adults.