Blade II (2002)

Director : Guillermo del Toro

The movie opens with a crazy scene of a vampire like creature killing other vampires while saying "I hate vampires." Blade has all their strengths, and none of the weaknesses of the vampires, except their thirst. Blade is hunting for Whistler, who is not dead like we thought, but has turned. Blade is shooting silver bullets all over as he explodes vampires left and right. When Blade finds his friend Whistler, he is being kept alive by a machine. Blade can't kill him, but takes him with him. Blade gives him a shot that he hopes will stabilize him, but he is opening the blinds in the morning whether he is cured or not.

The next morning Whistler is beat up, but alive. Blade has a new helper, Scud and Whistler doesn't like him. Two messengers from the ruling body of the vampire nation come offering Blade a truce. Something else on the streets is worrying the vampires besides Blade. Blade, Whistler and Scud travel to the Vampire Council. There is a new vampire out on the streets that feeds on humans and vampires, and then they become infected with the virus, that makes them have a great thirst. They need to feed every couple of hours.

The new vampire and his friends are rapidly multiplying. The Vampire Council sets Blade up with a team of vampire killers who have been training for two years to hunt Blade, the Bloodpack, but will now assist him in hunting the new vampire threat, the Reaper. They go to a vampire disco, where things are really crazy.

The Hunter captures Nyssa who is one of Blade's vampire assistants and then confronts Blade. Blade shoots him but he keeps on going. None of the new vampires, who all look look Nosferatu, seem to be able to be killed. Silver bullets aren't working, but daylight and UV lights still do.

With the help of some cool UV bombs Scud has made, Blade and the Bloodpack makes their way though the legion of new vampires. Nyssa gets hurt, but Blade feeds her with his own blood. Then the Bloodpack turns on Blade. Blade, Whistler and Scud are all jailed together. Damaskino, the head of the Vampire Council leader tells them that he has been working with DNA to get rid of their hereditary weaknesses. His son Nomak, the Reaper, was just out of control.

Guillermo del Toro is a great director, and his movies always have a great look. Not as good as the first Blade, because it got a little too complicated for its own good. It was hard to tell the good vampires from the bad ones without a scorecard. Also the movie was built around fighting and exploding vampires rather than around a story, and after a while it kind of got old.