Hancock (2008)

Director : Peter Berg

Hancock (Will Smith) has super powers, but i don't know if he is a super hero. He chases down a getaway car while drinking whiskey but flys in to some highway signs and wipes out some pursuing police cars. The consensus in public opnion is that he does more bad than good.

Ray is a idealistic publicist, who is having trouble making a living. Hancock saves his life at a railroad crossing and then flies his car home. Ray then invites Hancock in for dinner. Ray then tells Hancock that he can improve his image. At group sessions Hancock finally begins to open up.

Hancock gets on the news and apologizes for his behavior. Hancock goes to jail and the crime rate raises. Ray brings Hancock a uniform which he hates. The chief of police comes to prison and asks for Hancock's help. Robbers at a bank have machine guns and hostages. Hancock, on his best behavior, helps the police and the crowd begins clapping for him.

When Hancock goes to kiss Ray's wife, she takes him and tosses him. She has superpowers too. Mary tells Hancock they they are brother and sister and the last of their race. Mary tells Hancock that they have been together for three thousand years and she says she is tired of it. When Hancock hit his head, years ago, he lost his memory. We then find out that Mary and Hancock had been married but they broke up decades ago.

When Hancock stops a robbery at a liquor store he is shot, and shocked to find out that he is hurt. Mary's presence has somehow weakened him, Hancock is becoming mortal. Mary tells Hancock about times in the past where he saved her life. Eighty years ago after attending a showing of Frankenstein they were attacked in an alley. Hancock woke up but didn't know Mary, and Mary left to save him.

At the hospital an enemy from prison shoots both Hancock and Mary. Near death Hancock recovers but Mary does not. Hancock quickly flees from the hospital and Mary recovers too. Hancock calls in from time to time and talks to Ray and Mary.

Most of the superheroes these day, like people in general, are far from being perfect. Hancock is the superhero who is on the wrong side of the spectrum. He is lonely and he drinks. He tries to do what is right but because he is impaired he often make the best choices.

A good superhero movie about a flawed superhero who discovers who he really is and decides to live up to the responsibilities before him.