Batman and Robin (1997)

Director : Joel Schumacher

Robin : I want a car. Chicks dig the car.
Batman : This is why Superman works alone.

Mr. Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is freezing up the Gotham Museum and Batman (George Clooney) and Ron (Chris O'Donnell) rush to the rescue. Mr. Freeze tells corny jokes, freezes everything in sight and tells his skating army to kill Batman.
Mr. Freeze takes off in a rocket, and freezes the pursuing Batman. Mr. Freeze then sprouts wings and returns back to earth. Luckily Robin has been tagging along and frees Batman. Batman and Robin the pursue Freeze and this time Freeze frezzes Robin. Batman can chase Freeze or help save Robin by unfreezing him.
Next we see Dr. Pamela Isley (Uma Thurman) doing experiments to help plants defend themselves. Her colleague, Dr. Woodrue, is doing experiments to make supermen to sell to the highest bidder for their armies. Bane, is his first creation. Dr. Woodrue asks Dr. Isley to join him, but she refuses, and then gets pushed in to all the chemicals. She comes back as Poison Ivy, and greets Dr. Woodrue with a kiss.
Next Alfred's niece Barbara (Alicia Silverstone) joins the household, and she later becomes Batgirl. Poison Ivy, with her poison mists, heads for Wayne's manor and tries to steal some diamonds, doing a Mae West (or is it Betty Davis?) impersonation along the way. But Mr. Freeze appears and makes everyone chill and takes the diamonds himself. But Batman follows and captures Freeze and hands him over to the police.
Dick Grayson follows Barbara out one night when she goes out street racing on motor bikes. She is a thrill seeker and has been doing it to make money for years. Poison Ivy and Bane then break Mr. Freeze out of jail. Poison Ivy keeps trying to blow her hypnotic mists on Robin, hoping to give him a poison kiss.
Poison Ivy wants Mr. Freeze to freeze over the world and then her plants can take over the world. They will be the only two humans left, "Adam and Evil".
There is other stuff going on. Arthur is dying, Mr. Freeze's wife is dying and Alfred comes up with an outfit for his niece, who becomes Batgirl. Too much going on and the movie tries to concentrate on looking good, rather than being good. The movie also put a lot of time and effort in to setting up for the sequel, but that didn't happen did it? Campy and poorly written : this should have been so much better.

Bane and Poison Ivy