Ghost Rider (2007)

Director : Mark Steven Johnson

Johnny Blaze rides a motorcycle an a carnival and loves Roxanne. Johnny's riding partner, his father Barton, has cancer. Mephistopheles (Peter Fonda) shows up and offers Johnny a deal. He will give his dad back his health for Johnny's soul. Johnny takes the deal and his Dad gets better. But first ride after, Barton has an bike accident and dies, and the Devil just laughs. The Devil makes Johnny forget about everything. He will comeback for him when he needs him.

Johnny grows up to be a big motorcycle star and hemeets Roxanne again. Then Mephistopheles' son Blackheart shows up with his friends to steal some souls. Mephistopheles tells Johnny that he must destroy Blackheart, and he can get his soul back. Johnny becomes the Ghost Rider, on a flame throwing chopper. His body transforms until he has a flames coming out of his skull. He goes to meet Blackheart and the battle is on. He kills one of his gang but Blackheart gets away.

On his search he stops a crime as a vigilante. When the ride is over he transforms back to Johnny. Johnny meets Caretaker (Sam Elliot) who begins to fill him in about the Rider. He begins to read up about demons and the cast out angels. He also begins to learn how to control his power.

Blackheart goes for Roxanne, Johnny's weak point, but Ghost Rider shows up. But Blackheart is more powerful and he takes Roxanne with him. He says that Johnny now works for him. Johnny goes back to the Caretaker, and gets the contracts for the souls he wants. Caretaker now gets on his horse, and then he flames up. Together they ride out. But Caretaker has to leave and Johnny goes on alone, after Roxanne.

Johnny goes to give the contract to Blackheart but then he flames up. The fight begins anew. Blackheart wins again, and calls the souls to him. In the end Ghost Rider will, of course, come out on top.

Not a great superhero. Ghost Rider fought to save his own soul, not to try to do good. It was also not a very good movie. With some of the new superheroes there is a fine line between hero and villain, and this one may just have crossed the line. It was hard to watch a superhero movie and not even want to cheer for him.