Fantastic Four (2005)

Director : Tim Story

The movie opens with Reed Richards making a pitch to Victor von Doom. Reed's ex-girl Sue Storm now works for Victor. Victor, Reed, Sue, Ben Grimm and Sue's brother Johnny are going to take an experimental trip out to space to the von Doom space atation. Vicroe proposes to Sue, but the ship gets hit with cosmic radiation first.

Everyone seems to have come out of it in one piece, but later on Johnny catches fire. Next Sue fades away. Then Reed's arm stretches as he reaches for a bottle. Ben has turned in to an orange rocky skinned creature with super strength. They have all been affected by the radiation in some way.

Ben's wife sees him and leaves her wedding ring on the ground when she sees him. The news corps finds out what is going on and name them the Fantastic Four. The group goes back to the lab to see what is going on with their DNA. Victor is angry, having lost his company and his reputation. Then he discovers he has powers of his own. His body is changing in to some very hard metallic compound.

Johnny is enjoying it all and gave the press the names for the group. Ben is not thrilled to be called the Thing. Ben is also concerned that Reed is not working hard enough to develop a cure for what has happened to him. he is the one that has to live in his skin full time. Victor tries to turn Ben against Reed and it is working. Ben goes in to Victor's machine and the Thing comes out as Ben. Victor has gained power and now he wants to get rid of the other three. Victor freezes Reed, and shoots a rocket at Sue and Johnny.

Ben gets his powers back and clobbers Victor, and saves Reed. Then Reed, Sue and Johnny come to defend Victor, who now has great powers. Together they are able to take him.

The movie was played more for fun, in a comic book kind of way. It wasn't as dramatic, even in the action scenes as some of the better superhero movies. The movie was mostly concerned with the Four getting used to controlling their powers. The movie seemed more interested in setting up future movies, rather than in being a good movie itself. I always thought the Fantastic Four were great characters, and this movie just didn't do them justice. It definitely should have taken a more serious tone.