Thor : The Dark World (2013)

Director : Alan Taylor

The warriors of Asgard had stopped a race known as the Dark Elves, who were trying to use a weapon known as the Aether to make the whole universe dark, thousands of years ago. The dark Elves leader, Malekith, escaped but waits his chance.
Back to the present, Odin sentences Loki to confinement for what he has done. Thor cleans things up and brings peace to the nine realms. Odin wants Thor to rule as king.
Back on earth Jane finds another anomaly in the sky. When she investigates she gets sucked in to a worm hole. Heimdall tells Thor what has happened to Jane and against Odin's wishes he goes after her. When Thor gets to earth Jane is back, but is filled with energy, and Thor brings her back to Asgard. Jane has somehow gotten the Aether in her body.
Malekith and his men to attack Asgard, looking for the Aether, and defeat the Asgard forces, and kill Thor's mother. But they do not capture Jane and the Aether. Thor enlists Loki's aid in the upcoming battle to help revenge his mother.
As to be expected, Loki betrays Thor but then in a twist helps him and it looks like he gets killed for his efforts.
The story is kind of contrived and convoluted for the second time in a row. The world is going to end, and we don't really know why, but Thor must save the day. The first movie had the advantage of introducing the interesting characters, and this one just had a plot that even the physicist couldn't explan very well.
The movie ends with Thor asking out of being king, and Loki, who we thought was dead, being on the throne, disguising himself as Odin.