X2 (2003)

Director : Bryan Singer
Hugh Jackman : Wolverine
Patrick Stewart : Professor Charles Xavier
James Marsden : Cyclops
Halle Berry : Storm
Anna Paquin : Rogue
Famke Janssen : Jean Grey
Villains : Ian Ian McKellen as Magneto
Rebecca Romijn : Mystique

The movie opens with a scene of a mutant named Nightcrawler entering the Oval Office attempting to assassinate the President. He is fought off, but had a knife with the sign "Mutant Freedom Now." There will be a lash back against mutants.

Younger mutants Iceman and Pyro are now at the school and Iceman is going out with rogue. William Stryker questions Magnto about the mutant complex and about the machine called Cerebro. Professor X visits Magneto in jail.

Storm and Jean find Nightcrawler who says he doesn't know how he got to the White House. Then army troops led by William Stryker invade the mutant complex but the mutants fight them off and escape. Striker's son used to be at the mutant school. When he went home he projected images in his parents' heads, and Stryker's wife killed herself.

Magneto escapes from jail and joins in with the mutants to stop Stryker and Celebro. X-Men United.

Stryker has his own mutants and Wolverine fights it out with a girl who has claws like him.

The movie was good, with a pretty interesting plot, but it didn't have the unique factor that the first one did. Still, overall, a very good superhero movie and a great new character in Nightcrawler.