Superman Returns (2006)

Director : Bryan Singer
Superman : Brandon Routh
Villain : Kevin Spacey as Lex Luther

When astronomers discovered the remains of Krypton, Superman disappeared. One day back at the farm, Clark returns to Ma Kent from a crashed rocket. Meanwhile Lex Luther is up to no good. Lex finds the Fortress of Solitude and Lex starts to listen to the crystals.
Clark found the remnants of Krypton, but is was destroyed. Clark returns to the Daily Planet to find that Lois is engaged, and has a little boy. She has also received a Pulitzer Prize for her editorial "Why the World Doesn't need Superman." Luther plans to use the Krypton crystals to build a new continent, which will wipe out most of North America.
When the new shuttle that Lois is on gets in trouble, Superman again comes to the rescue. Superman has returned. While Lois has a fiancee, it is obvious that Superman is still in love with her. He listens in on her conversations and he tries to explain why he left so abruptly. When Lex gets Lois and her son, it is up to Superman to once again rescue her.
When Superman confronts Lex at the Fortress of Solitude, it is up to Lois and Richard to now save him. Lex has loaded the place with Kryptonite and Superman is almost helpless. Superman almost dies but Lois and Richard pull him out of danger in time. It is up to Superman to then stop Lex's dastardly plan. He saves the US but almost dies again. Rushed to the hospital, it looks like he is a goner, but when Lois shows up, whispers in his ear, and gives him a kiss, you know that Superman will revive. Superman then goes and talks to his Lois's sleeping son, his son.
This movie was at heart a love story, and Superman was the one hit hardest. The love story didn't work for me because I liked Lois' boyfriend, and I think it was wrong for Superman to try to steal her back. I spent half the movie feeling sorry for Richard. Kevin Spacey made a great Lex Luther, and Brandon Routh was a good Superman but overall I think it was little too long and drawn out. Should have been much better.