Spider-Man 3 (2007)

Director : Sam Raimi

This movie opens with everything going good in his life : he an MJ were very much in love, he was doing really well school and the city was in love with Spider-Man. Peter goes to see perform on Broadway and he sees Harry, but Harry won't talk to him. He still blames him for his father's death. Later when Peter is riding down the street on his scooter Harry, dressed in Goblin gear, scoops in and knocks him down. They fight it out and Peter finally comes out on top.

Meanwhile the criminal responsible for Uncle Ben's death has broken out of jail. He gets caught in a government experiment and has a molecular change and becomes the Sandman. Harry came out of the fight not remembering anything that had happened. Then MJ , after a bad review, is replaced in her Broadway show. Spider-Man kisses a reporter at the festivities and then the Sandman shows up and wrecks the celebration.

Peter plans a special dinner and he is going to ask MJ to marry him but MJ isn't feeling to well about everything and gets up and leaves. Then Peter finds out that his uncle's killer is out loose. All these bad feelings build up in Peter, until he is covered in a new black suit. Later when he goes after Sandman peter chooses his black suit and kills him.

Harry after an evening spent with MJ begins to get flashbacks of his father, of Peter and of Spider-Man. Things are beginning to come back to him. Harry goes to MJ and forces her to tell Peter that their relationship is over. Harry then tells Pete that he is the other gut that MJ is in a relationship with. Peter and Harry duke it out. Then the new Bugle photographer Eddie Brock fakes a photo making Spidey look bad, but Peter gets him fired.

Peter starts acting crazy as he is infected with kind of virus that is making him act creepy and also has him done the black suit. Meanwhile, the Sandman who we thought was gone, has returned. When Peter goes to a night club to see MJ perform he makes a fool of himself, beats up the bouncer and even hits MJ. Peter tears off his black suit and it then gets on Eddie Brock who becomes the new black suited Spider-Man, Venom.

Venom goes and finds Sandman and teams up with him. They both want to kill Spider-man. venom takes MJ as a hostage. Peter goes to Harry for help., but Harry refuses. Harry's butler then tells Harry that his father died from his own sword. Spider-man rushes to save MJ but has his hands full with Venom and Sandman. But Harry comes to the rescue.

Too many tragic good/bad guys. Also too long and convoluted. Tried to present too many stories, bring them together and then tie all the loose ends in some rational way. Just couldn't do it. Sometimes simpler is better. Given the great special effects and actors available, this was a disappointment.