Daredevil (2003)

Director : Mark Steven Johnson
Daredevil : Ben Affleck
Villain : Colin Farrell as Bullseye

Running away from watching his ex-boxer dad, not beating up non-paying customers for a hood, Matt Murdock gets blinded by some bio-hazardous material, but he heightened all his other senses and became the Daredevil. When his father refuses to throw a fight, he is killed, and Matt decides then to battle injustice.

Daredevil is something of a vigilante. If he sees injustice done in his day job as a lawyer, he will rectify it at night. he gets peace at night by sleeping in a sensory deprivation chamber that blocks out all the information that his senses deliver.

Matt meets a girl names Electra and before you know it they are sparring on a playground.

The local crime lord The Kingpin, brings in a psycho dart thrower named Bullseye. Meanwhile Matt and Electra fall for each other. Later Electra's dad gets killed, and Electra blames Daredevil. When she meets him, they fight and when she unmasks him she finds Matt.

When Bullseye shows up, Electra knows Matt was telling the truth and then she goes after him. Bullseye defeats Electra, and puts a knife through her.

A wounded Daredevil goes after Bullseye. After getting beat up in the beginning he bounces back. When he gets the chance, he throws him out the window and kills him.

Daredevil then goes after The Kingpin and they fight it out. The Kingpin was the gangster who had his father killed. After a fierce battle Daredevil wins, and he decides not kill The Kingpin, because he is the good guy.

Daredevil is a dark character, and I like dark movies, but in this movie it was hard to like the hero. He was a killer, and he got beat up more than he won. Not too much of a superhero.

Overall, the movie was just mediocre.