Batman Returns (1992)

Director : Tim Burton
Michael Keaton : Batman
Villains : Danny Devito as the Penguin
Michelle Pfeiffer as the Catwoman

The movie opens at Christmas time with grotesque clowns raising havoc at a speech by the mayor and Max Schreck (Christopher Walken), a local businessman. The bat signal goes up, and Batman heads in to Gotham in the Batmobile and saves the day.

The Penguin then meets with Schreck and convinces him to work with him to take over Gotham. When his secretary gets to close to the truth on some secrets, he pushes her out the window, but the cats in the alley come to her rescue and the mild mannered secretary becomes the Catwoman.

The movie misses some of the realism that some of the better superhero movies had. How was a mild mannered secretary suddenly able to fight hand to hand with Batman. Because some cats bit her? But it was came by by design, and fun to a point, but I prefer my superhero movies straight.

Danny DeVito made a great Penguin, Michelle Pfeiffer makes a very good Catwoman and Michael Keaton makes a very good Batman. Great music, a great look in a good super hero movie.